Why are your rates   higher than  shop   prices?

Mobile grooming  has  a  housecall fee  included with   the  groom fee.  Mobile  grooming is a premium service  offering  your pet one on one attention in a stress free environment.


What areas do you service?  

I have condenced my service  area (to any new potential clients) to  all of New Albany, Clarksville and Sellersburg. I  also service  Jeffersonville city limits inside of the 265  roundabout.


What can I expect at my initial appointment?

 I will greet you and your pet at the front door and get aquainted  with them, discuss the type of cut you desire,   and leave  you with  a release form to fill out  giving me permission  to  groom your pet while I take them out to the grooming trailer.    The release will only have to be filled out at the first visit, and will be kept on file.  To speed things up  feel free to fill out the release/consent form ahead of time. Download and print the form with this link-Release.       


Do you offer weekend or evening appointments?

 I  do not offer Saturday or evening appointments.   One of the best advantages to mobile grooming is you do not have to be home for me to groom your pet.   All I need is access to your pet via hide-a-key, unlocked door or garage code. I do ask that you either have your pet in a crate or blocked off in a front room. I do not want to hunt them down in your home, and I'm sure you don't want that either :) You can leave the form of payment on the kitchen counter or table, and I will leave your reciept. 



I give a time frame of arrival, not an exact time. This is due to possible disruptions such as traffic, weather or spending more time with an older/younger/more difficult pet than expected. Always review the Menu of Services PRIOR to scheduling so you can give me a detailed description of  what services you want your pet to receive. This ensures I allow enough time for your appointment. PLEASE NOTE: A thorough brushing (which is included in the groom) is not the same as De-Shedding or De-Matting. Double coated breeds that are shedding or coats that have more than three mats will be charged an additional  fee depending on the condition of the coat and length of time spent removing the shedding or matted coat during the brushing.  If your pet has a history of being refused by previous groomers due to aggression or being overly anxious, I will attempt to service them to the best of my abilitites. Many times being in the quiet environment that mobile grooming provides will help keep your pet calm and relaxed, however if I am unable to complete the groom without risk of injury to myself  or to your pet, the groom will  be discontinued and a $45 fee will still apply.  I  do  not groom sedated pets. That is best left to a groomer employed in a vet's office.


What is your cancellation policy?

I require a 48   hour notice for cancellations, or it will result in a $45 fee that will have to be paid prior to the next groom. This is so I have enough time to add in a client on the cancellation list or rearrange the schedule if needed.


Are you insured?

Absolutely! Your property and pet are both insured!


Do you need access to my outlets or water?

Nope! The trailer is fully self contained and equipped with warm water, electric, heat, A/C etc.


What are your payment options?

At this time I only accept cash or check

*there is a $35 returned check fee 






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