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  25  lb   weight limit  on  coats that  require  haircuts  

  40   lb weight  limit on   coats  that  are bath & brush



 Prices listed are average rates based on coats that have been groomed within 8 weeks. Variables that affect pricing  are temperament, condition of coat and   obesity or age interfering with   standing.  Prices  listed  are based on  competitive local shop rates with  a house call/   convenience fee  added on for mobile service.

Bath and Brush  Groom  

Up to   20 lbs     $65   

21    to 40 lbs $70

Massage bath with  premium  shampoo

Coat conditioning  / Blow Dry   / Brush

Ear cleaning / Nail Clip 

Fragrance/Bandana or bow

*40 lb weight limit. Extensive  deshedding extra




Full Haircut  Groom 

Up to 10 lbs     $70    

11 to 20 lbs $75

21    to 25 lbs $80

Massage bath with premium shampoo

 Coat conditioning / Fluff dry / Brush

Nail clip / Ear cleaning / Full haircut

Fragrance /Bandana or bow  

*25 lb  weight limit.   I   do not clipper cut double coated breeds. If    your

dog's  hair stays a predetermined length  and does not grow long without haircut, it is double coated.


Add On Services

*These  services  must accompany a groom package

*Shave DeMatting accompanies  the Deluxe Package



Flea Shampoo



De  Matting

*Shave  Sm  $20   -   $30 

*Brush         $1 per  min.

*Brushing will only be done if pet tolerates  &

matting is not extensive - humanity  before vanity 


Anal  Glands  $5


Nail grinding














De Shedding

$1 per min. up to an additional  15   min.

(15 min.  is included in  package pricing)

Pad  & Nose  Hydration ~ $5


Permanent Haircolor


Ears & Tail     $25

Ears  OR  Tail     $15


Temporary  Chalk  Highlights

(Pink/Purple/Teal/Emerald Green)

Ears  & Tail    $17

Ears OR Tail    $10










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